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Proof of escape

The video was created with the help of the simulation software PedGo and in accordance with the guideline of RIMEA (guideline for microscopic Analysis of escape). It shows a possible option of escape for 3500 people. This result represents the fractile value of 95% according to the probability theory after 500 calculations. The escape calculation was produced for the DHfK-Carnival in the Ernst-Grube hall in Leipzig. It is based on the scientific investigations of Predtetschenski, WM; Milinski, A.I.: Pedestrian flows in buildings. Calculation methods for the design, from the 1960s and 1970s and the guideline of RiMEA.

Probability distribution according to the guideline of RiMEA (orange bars) of 500 variant calculations. You can easily see the probability density to the normal distribution (bell curve). The green bar represents the fractile value of 95%.

For this study we changed and optimized the main exit. The initial situation was improved and 95% of the variants now achieve a lower or the same time of escape as it would with 1500 people after venue regulations, without improving the initial situation.


Running speed:



Escape simulation:



For the purpose of concerts at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig we have set up several studies for the evacuation of 21,000 people from the infield with the help of the simulation software PedGo and after the guideline RIMEA . With the use of wave-breakers (partitioning) the flow of people was deliberately divided into several groups, so that the necessary emergency and escape routes were non-restrictive at all times with the required width, so that the clearance of the stadium was carried out in a controlled way. The main exits and escape and emergency routes were amended, optimized and clearly labelled.

Systematic subdivision of flow of people by installation of breakwaters:

Proof of eviction of the infield of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig:

The evacuation plan of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig:



The evacuation plan of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig