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Fire protection services

Fire Protection Concept

  • Fire Protection Concepts based on state building codes
  • Determination of fire loads
  • Technical statements of fire protection
  • Risk analysis for gas farms and high fire risk areas in the solar industry
  • evacuation calculation


Consulting services

  • Advice from architects, builders and developers during the planning stage
  • Planning of fire protection measures
  • Cost optimisation
  • Risk Analysis for Insurances
  • Review of existing buildings


  • Implementation of fire protection concepts
  • Quality assurance
  • Prevention of design defects
  • Assistance in preparation of the final acceptance of work
  • Documentation and audit plans


Fire Brigade Plans

  • Setting up of escape and rescue plans in accordance with DIN 4844-3 and BGV A8
  • Fire brigade plans according to DIN 14095
  • Fire brigade detailed plans in accordance with DIN 14095
  • Routing cards for fire alarm systems in accordance with DIN 14675

Fire Safety Regulations

  • Setting up of fire safety regulations, Part A, B
    and C in accordance with DIN 14096 and BGV A8
  • Alarm and hazard control plans


Acceptance tests

  • In conjunction with our co-operation partner we provide technical evaluations in
    accordance with inspection regulations

Fire simulation calculation

  • Proof of engineering methods for fire protection
  • Smoke Exhaust calculations
  • Fire simulations
  • Analytical verification of the smoke exhaust and air supply areas
  • Evacuation certificates
  • Evacuation concepts

Nationwide Services

  • Fire protection consultation abroad

Analysis of evacuation

  • Speed and Evacuation simulation

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