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Engineering Consultants Schilling

We welcome you to the homepage of fire protection offices Schilling with headquarters in Leipzig.

The fire protection consultancy is the result of several years of cooperation between the engineering firm Schilling – active in the planning and implementation of industrial and commercial buildings since 1990, and the engineering firm Fiedler – active in the planning and renovation of residential buildings since 1996.

As part of our long-standing and extensive planning activities, we have always considered the problems of preventive fire protection. Through intensive training in the field of fire safety in EIPOS, a powerful professional planning office was established. This expert knowledge enables us to advise our clients, planners, builders and property developers ever since.

The foundation of our actions are based on the state building codes of the SächsBO – § 14 Fire protection

„Structural installations must be arranged, built, modified and maintained to prevent the source and the spread of fire and smoke, and in case of a fire, the rescue of people and animals as well as an effective firefighting must be assured.“

Objectives of our work are:

  • economical solutions for the implementation of the building code requirements for fire protection in accordance with the interests of builders and developers
  • the development of project-specific fire protection concepts as a basis for building permits
  • coordinating and linking all maintenance groups like electric, heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning in the field of preventive fire protection
  • the identification of discrepancies during the planning and erection process of the building and, if necessary, coordination with the approval authorities


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